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Artist Statement

I primarily take photos using 35mm or 120mm film, using people as my subjects

with an emphasis on the body. I enjoy manipulating my photographs in different ways to create distortion. I create a mood with my photos by using different colored lights with high contrasts. With my black and white images I use different techniques in the dark room to create distorted images including overlapping negatives. I suffer from anxiety and depression and try to use these images as a creative outlet. While I do self portraits on occasion, I create my images with models but they very much portray my own feelings and beliefs about life.

In the future I would like to work with musicians to make album covers. I love collaborating with musicians and helping them turn their art into a visual representation. I would also like to start working with food stylists and restaurants doing food photography as well. Working with other artists whether its chefs, musicians, designers is something I strive to continue throughout my career.

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