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Long Beach Community College
Obtained AA-T in studio photography

2020 Assistant, Los Angeles

Kiyana Tehrani
Assisted on Andine campaign with equipment and direction

2018 Intern, Long Beach
Long Beach City College Gallery

Assisted with Art instillation/deconstruction and reception 2016 Intern, Los Angeles Philip Lopez

Assisted on Tyler Ellis campaign with lighting and equipment as well as personal projects 2015 In The Zone, 1650 Gallery, Echo Park, Los Angeles

Exhibited a photo at 1650 Gallery in Echo Park for black and white photographs

2014 Intern, Santa Ana
The Blue Velvet Recording Studio (closed)

Social Media Intern 2014 Intern, Costa Mesa What Youth
Helped with transcribing interviews, setting up for movie premier events, and magazine shipments.

Skills: Experience InDesign Lightroom Illustrator Photoshop

Film Development


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